SteppeTrade – your partner in the Mongolia trade

SteppeTrade is a specialist in the Mongolia trade.
We import and export several, mainly agricultural products.
We also facilitate the transportation of goods by rail, road or airfreight to Mongolia and the region.

To contact SteppeTrade, call: +31(0)26-351 4190 or email:

About us

SteppeTrade is a trading company, focused on the trade with Mongolia and Asia from the Netherlands. SteppeTrade is based in Arnhem, the Netherlands and Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.


SteppeTrade trades in products to – and form Mongolia and the region and facilitates others to do the same. The bulk of the trade is made up of agrarian produce, machines and machine-parts.


SteppeTrade is an intermediary in long haul transportation services. We strongly focus on Asia and Mongolia. SteppeTrade’s strong local knowledge and network guarantee succesfull shipment of any kind.

To contact SteppeTrade, call: +31(0)26-351 4190 or email: